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CONTAINER SERVICES: Containers and chassis equipment transported by Great Central Transport, Inc. are use controlled with limited "free time." To avoid equipment usage charges assessed by the steamship line the designated consignee must accept delivery within ( 48 ) hours after release and released back to Great Central Transport, Inc. within 48 hours. Any assessed charges (per diem or detention) billed by the steamship lines will be the responsibility of the shipper, broker, consignee or designated agent by Great Central Transport, Inc.

CASH ADVANCE CHARGES:  Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 2197, carriers that are required to advance rail, steamship, and port charges on your behalf and are permitted to recover these charges from you. Such charges can include but are not limited to demurrage, storage, flip charge and gate fees. Charges assessed by a Container Freight Station for handling, storage, demurrage and container per diem may be recovered from you, the shipper, broker or other designated agent.

WAITING TIME:  All container loads are "live" unloads upon arrival. The consignee shall have a total of ( 1 ) hour free time for unloading. Waiting time in excess of ( 1 ) hour or any portion thereafter shall be billed at an hourly rate established by Great Central Transport, Inc.  "No free time will be granted when a driver is required to assist in unloading the container."  Waiting time will commence upon arrival and conclude upon signed acceptance of goods by the consignee or its warehouse.

DELIVERY RECEIPT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  It shall be the responsibility of the consignee to review and note any discrepancies related to the receiving or exported load. Signature of the shipper or its designated agent or warehouse verifies that the cargo was received or shipped on the date shown, the seal was intact upon receipt or release, the freight was in good condition, and any waiting time was as shown. For dropped containers the consignee acknowledges receipt of the equipment and liability while on their property and to protect the equipment from any damage or loss while in their possession and to release the equipment back to Great Central Transport, Inc. upon demand.

PAYMENT TERMS:  Payment terms for all accounts are Net 10. Failure to pay any or all invoices due Great Central  Transport, Inc.  will result in a lien on any cargo being transported or stored and related charges not limited to security, storage fees, and legal costs pursuant to California Civil Code Section 3051.5.

CONTAINER OVERWEIGHT CITATION:  Great Central Transport, Inc. will not assume responsibility for overweight containers. It is the responsibility of the shipper to conform to California highway weight limitations when loading containers. All related costs will be billed to the shipper or its designated agent. It is recommended that 20' containers not exceed 36,000 lbs. and 40' container not exceed 42,000 lbs. Citations may also be issued if containers exceed maximum allowed axle weight.


All freight whether stored or transported is deemed to be of a value of not more than 12.5 cents per pound, including all liens unless the persons whom the warehouse receipts are issued or delivery tickets signed  for declare at the time the merchandise is off loaded or signed for that the merchandise is of a higher value that 12.5 cents per pound and such a value is noted on receipt.  The liability of GCT will be limited to the actual not exceeding the 12.5 cents per pound.  Increased declared value will be subject to additional charges.




325,000 sq feet for long and short term storage and same day turn around of containers



New WMS system with complete EDI and bar code distribution with shipping

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