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Ports Propose Plan With Major Opposition From Shippers and Carriers

The mayors of Los Angeles and Long Beach have spent nearly a year marching in step, crafting a groundbreaking $1.6 billion plan for removing nearly 17,000 diesel trucks from the nations two busiest harbors.  With remarkable ease both Mayor's spurred their respective ports to pass plans that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.  First a ban on older trucks moving through the ports then a 35.00 fee on each cargo container to pay for newer, clearer trucks.  But last month the Long Beach mayor broke ranks with LA by rejecting the plan's final piece of the proposal to require independent contractors to be converted to company employees.  This move was only proposed to make it easier to organize the companies sending trucks into the harbor. 

The general ideas behind the plan are generally supported but the some of the groups behind them have their agenda and not the best interest of the environment in mind.

Clean Trucks Program - Port of Long Beach Drops Employee Driver Requirement

Perhaps the most controversial element of the Clean Truck Plan has been dropped as of the time.  The original plan required that trucking companies serving the Port of Long Beach/Los Angeles use only company drivers.  Under the final version of the plan released recently, companies that operate with either company drivers or independent drives will be able to enter the port.  Under the current plan, trucking companies must register their trucks and drivers with the port and tag their vehicles with RFID devices so the port can monitor compliance with the program.

New Collection Fee Pushed Back Until October 1, 2008

Long Beach has decided to push back a collection fee of $35.00 per TEU until October 1, 2008.  The original intended date of June 1, 2008 was changed due to delays in the final release of the plan, implementation by the date was not feasible.  




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